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The Makers Mark

Our sterling silver bracelets include a monogram logo beside the design of each piece. It is in the style of a makers mark, used to identify the silversmith that produced and presented the item to the assay office. Ken Hunt always believed that the craftsman should be identified for their work and as such this is positioned on the visable surface when wearing.

As one of the first "name" engravers, Ken Hunt included his name and date on the guns that he engraved. Beyond the iconic large scroll and excellent depiction of wildlife, the name makes a Ken Hunt gun recognisable, just as an artist would sign their canvas.



The BHB monogram originated from the collaboration between Ken Hunt and his grandsons, Charlie Bollands and Rowan Bollands. The two "B"s representing two close brothers that are also best friends, form the "H" for Hunt, with generations of gun engraving heritage and skill being passed through the ages. We live and represent family solidarity, passing the baton from generation to generation and building on a legacy left by our forefathers.



Ken Hunt jewellery originated from engraved heirlooms, made for our family, to celebrate milestones and successes. The Ken Hunt brand originated from the money clip shown in the image below, it recieved so many compliments that we decided to make such items available to those that can appriciate the beauty and heritage.




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